26 Apr 2012

The Other Side

Being in operations was like being amongst the crowd - you're lost in hundreds, maybe thousands. I longed to be on the other side. Cursed the times when I've pinged HR and gotten frustrating non-responses. Stomped my foot when they organized an event that wasn't upto my liking. They're here for us, why don't they listen, I fumed.

Life on the other side - pretty much the same. With over 300 people walking up to you everyday for a "quick question" or a "have a min?" or "I've a query", I'm still stomping my foot and getting frustrated about why people on the other side can't understand. Organizing a multi-crore event was never easy, but being a part of the decision tree is scarier!

The grass is always greener on the other side. Or not. 

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