25 Jun 2012

Love at first sight

There's something to be said about work. My weekends are one haze after another. I do find the time to whine, but I'm entitled to a bit'o drama sometimes. Ok, that's stretching the truth - there's always drama wherever I go.

I did note that my clubbing has increased from once-in-a-while to every-weekend. Doesn't help that being a single gal among the sea of married friends brings on the 'you're single, you should be out having fun' comments which usually leads to more boozy weekends and shot-drinking competitions. Which I usually win. Hell, which I always win. My being single has nothing to do with it.

There's the problem of unwanted attention from creeptastic guys. It's been a while since I relished a good narration of creepy guys in my life, I do seem to attract so many of them. The universe is bitch-slapping me, if someone is still counting (insert a wise remark about Karma).

Coming back to creepy guys, well, you always find some in the workplace. This one, much to my dismay, was cute. When was the last time you saw a cute guy and found that when he opened his mouth, spewed copious amounts of bullshit? I thought as much. You see these guys everyday. Still, in a meeting full of people, such things go unnoticed. A few phone-calls of witty banter later, he admitted to liking me (after some sheepish divulging of engaging in stalker-ish behavior). When my much-coveted answer was "Okay" (which is my usual irritating response to attention which I'm unsure of), he turned to more subtle displays of affection. Holding the door open, inviting me for a coffee (albeit the watery brown liquid that the espresso machine dispenses, but still), telling me I've a lot of reds on my wardrobe that looks good on me and the likes. To say it made me suspicious is an understatement, because, c'mon, who holds the glass doors open while secretly checking out your pics on Facebook? Two coffees in, I had to backtrack several thousand steps back with the first of the several I love yous I had to listen in the following days. Such a waste of the feeling behind those words. "Do you believe in love at first sight? He asked. It was like that for me. I didn't have a choice, I love you." I looked askance and rolled my eye for good measure. 

What followed was a few days of 'trying to get me to understand,' bordering on creepy stalking after which I had to give a stern warning to stay away. I've to say, my stern, no-nonsense tone is getting better because he hasn't bothered me since. Oh, sure, we see each other at work and the occasional common meetings, but nothing about 'true love' since. Have I mentioned, these are 30-somethings? 

Sometimes I wonder if they came out ass-side up. 


Akshaya said...

Haha, Chennai. Pity he's cute on the outside.

Black Swan said...

I know, right? Cute ones spell t-r-o-u-b-l-e

b said...

choke :)