17 Aug 2012

No answers.

Having mushroom slices on my cheek while falling asleep on pizza boxes is my story lately. Manic - something has caught a hold of me. Home, at the moment, seems like a better place to be.  Here, there's mom's pending assignments to be worked on, long talks with sisters, no pizzas, but crumbling coconut sweets instead.

Friends are crowding me - too many groups, too many places all of them want me to be in, too many things Im supposed to be doing...none of which I really want to do.

I sound so depressing, sheesh. The constancy of it is nagging me. Where's the sunshine I always saw? The light at the end of the tunnel I could pave my way to in absolute darkness? The road I could depend on taking? Is it the place? Or me?

I've no answers...not right now anyway. 

7 Aug 2012

In this moment

Some nights, like this night, are particularly hard.