13 Oct 2012

Why? Why the hell not!

It's around the time when the people who didn't get married the first time round get married. And the ones who are already married are with kids. It's around the time when the second round of pity stares envelop me. "Why aren't you married?" "Oh, don't worry, you'll find him."

I wasn't able to comprehend earlier what the big deal was if you were unmarried and single at an age when everyone is getting hitched. It's quite simple, really. If you're not in love, not in a committed relationship, how will you get married? But my simplistic thoughts on love and commitment entered a vortex of circumstances. Questioning parents were bad enough, now there are questioning friends. Its not the questions themselves, the pity that follows it, the self-righteous smug all-knowing advice - all are a thorn on my behind.

Suffice to say I'm walking the tightrope of staying the hell away from unwarranted advise and a zen state. 

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