26 Nov 2012

Enna Idhu!

Hamsaa, is this nyayam for you? You only tell. Haven't we let you study your undergraduate and then your postgraduate that too in a foreign country? Now you're working as...something...in a big corporate. Shouldn't you get married now? Your dad's hair is falling and my hair is becoming grey!

At least tell us if you've someone in your mind. Your heart. Or wherever. Tell me truthfully. Manasa thottu sollu (touch your heart and say). 

If you get engaged this year, I've prayed I'll fast for 2 days, break 11 coconuts. Ennavo. Enna ponno nee (some daughter you are). 

By next year, I want to see you married. By hook or crook (what!). Seriya daan sollaren (I'm telling correct only). Stop your kozhandathanum (childishness) and get married. You are mature now.

When will you get married and when will you have children. Adhu ellam vela velikki pethukanum (you've to give birth at designated times). By 30, all your young looks will go off. You will get wrinkles and your munji muthupoidum (face will wither). You think you will look like this all your life? Of course NOT!

Now only you are putting some color and all in your hair. It will become vella (white) earlier because of that. Where you listen to me. You will put tattoo, you will put color. I've let you do all this. Given so much freedom. Now at least you respect that we're modern family. We've given you so much. Theriyuma, that Geetha is getting married at 22. We are not putting so much compulsions. You're independent, we know.

Still. You try to think from our angle. Don't wait for manmadhan. One prince in vella kudarai (white horse) will not come. Set realistic expectations and you will get decent groom. Give us your reply soon.

Don't forget to look for some matrimony profiles on your own. What your appa selects may not be the chocolate boy (!) that you want. Don't think we're pressurizing. We only want what's good for you. 


Archana Chari said...

Enga ma irukka nee? My life story is exactly the same. Same blood.

Black Swan said...

@Archana: Idhu ellam cross-border phone talk. Same content. Place doesn't matter. :D