1 Nov 2012

The buzzing sound you hear is life whooshing by

Life has gone on the fast lane now. Work is busier than ever, with more and more portfolios dropping in my bag. Each day seems like a whole new project, a whole new set of challenges. My very first ex-manager had told me during an appraisal session: "Hamsini, you can't be happy unless you've your fingers in half a dozen pies." And so it is. I've my fingers in an assortment of pies, so technically I should be satisfied?

Maybe it was the continued restlessness or it was the itch to stop being lazy on weekends, I volunteered. The commitment with volunteering is tremendous - I've sporadically volunteered earlier, have found joy in doing so, but this time, when Make a Difference's Chennai chapter was starting off, I wanted to give more than just my time. I wanted to give my skill, my knowledge and any expertise I could bring to the table. After being recruited to the PR team for Chennai, I'm now involved in fundraising events and activities. It's something else, the energy, the enthusiasm and sheer joy of being with kids and getting to do the fun events.

With my weekend calendar looking fuller than it has ever been, the restless feeling is on a pause. I'm hoping it disappears over time.

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