23 Jan 2013

In Solitude

In solitude, I've epiphanies.

But then, I've always been a big fan of solitude. My family doesn't understand it. They call me non-pliant, unrepentant and immovable to adjustments. Somewhere in this space I'd once written I don't do mediocrity, settling and compromises. My tryst with solitude is something like that. In a time and space that doesn't have any time and space is where I can be utterly naked.

People and their spaces are legendary. "Give me some space!" "I need space" and "Why the hell won't you leave me alone!" are statements I hear. Yet, when solitude is mentioned, it is mentioned as an expletive, something to be hidden and buried. That cannot be whispered into the ears of unsuspecting patrons of togetherness.

It has mystical properties, this solitude. An allegory of litanies that you may have, the narcissistic indulgences, desolation, redemption. In that time, you are invincible.

In solitude, I'm insurmountable. 

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