25 Feb 2013

Thanks for the support!

Thanks for the kind words, putting up with my midnight worries, comments on the post and the general curiosity showed in seeing the completed story!

My entry for the  HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, has been shortlisted for completion into a short story which will be subject to further shortlisting for publication. 

Delightful as it was to see the 'Congratulations!' email in my inbox, trepidation has set in to complete the entire story. As always, I would love your comments/thoughts/views on it. I'll post few more excerpts from it, so watch this space! 


19 Feb 2013

Ludicrous Declarations

There were a number of ways I wanted to tell him. Expressive me was all over the place. But lingering doubts meant I didn't want to act on my trademark hyperactivity and impulsiveness.

Instead, I blurted out, "I like you."

Momentary silence was replaced by a reciprocated blurt. "I like you too..."

"...because you're a stubborn pain in the ass, you are pigheadedly focused on things you want and you drive me insane by refusing to listen to me and being independent."

Umm, thanks...I think?