22 Mar 2015

10 things that make me insanely happy

This International Day of Happiness, let’s be thankful to all the things that make us happy. My list is a special bunch of things that matters to me. What’s on yours?

1) Stories through verses: I've long since dabbled in poetry. As a young girl, I've written childish poetry, often varying from nature to poetry with comparisons to everyday life. I've loved the way the words melted and twirled in my tongue when I spoke them. I believe in the perfection in poetry, the symmetry, the rhythmic style; written in a continuous stream of single thought that magnifies the verses and weaves them into a story.

2) The company of few good people: if you are a fellow introvert, you’d know just how precious those few people are. In my life, there are a handful of people that I cherish.

3) A well-written book: a kindle story, a pdf doc or a paperback – doesn't matter what the package is;  a good read is a decadent craving fulfilled.

4) A hot cuppa: anyone who has met me would know it isn't blood that runs through my veins, it is
coffee. A good cup of coffee is guaranteed to cheer me up anytime. ‘Nuff said.

5) Writing: I sometimes wish that I could be transported to the 1800s so I can feel the crisp air through a castle window, pick up a quill, dip it in the ink kept on the ornate desk and become a creator in the Romantic era.

6) Spring: I don't like too much cold, but the snuggle-weather of spring is good. It is the only time I actually don't mind going for walks. My face clears up and my skin glows like clockwork every spring.

7) The big picture: Circumstances weave around you and you weave out of them. Not the other way around. Everyone's approval is not paramount; neither do you have to please everyone.

8) Being selfish: Indulgence is not always bad!

9) Dreams: not the metaphorical ones (though those are important as well), but the actual ones that reveal a whole lot what my subconscious has registered that I missed. It is a look into my ‘sixth sense’. Interpreting your dreams doesn’t involve a fat Freud book and looking up meanings of clouds or chasing or whatever. It means listening to what you might've missed consciously. Your brain is a sponge of information – picking up the signals it sends me from my dreams is something that gives me the pleasure of a job well done.

10) Acceptance: something that I struggle with, but when I finally reach that state, I’m giddy with joy. To each, their own and acceptance beyond question has been my constant strive to achieve when I'm dealing with people of any kind.

Coke’s tagline ‘Open Happiness’ has a lot of great ads in the series for International Day of Happiness. Check out their latest one:

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