15 Mar 2015

Burnt dinners are the best!

Valentine’s day is overrated.

These are the words you sometimes tell yourself when you’re lonely. On one such Valentine’s Day, I sought out the two girls who make the duller days of work fun. One had no plans and the other had a dinner at home with her husband. The two of us waved away our married friend and decided to go for a nice dinner. While we were driving out of office, the car felt weirdly empty without our friend and we called her to ask how dinner was going. Her husband answered the phone and proudly declared that he was making chicken biryani for the two of them. Now, this was a feat because he can barely boil eggs. Taking the phone from him and chortling with laughter, our friend said that it is giant mess in the kitchen and he completely miscalculated the amount of rice needed and that there was enough for 8 people! Howling with laughter now, we asked her to save some for us for lunch the next day.

Her husband came back on the line and said “Why don’t you join us?” Our friend joined in and yelled in affirmative. We made a split second decision to head to their place. We entered a chaotic living room and a half-burning kitchen. As I sat down on the bean bag, with a chilled Bailey’s Irish, the other one rolled up her sleeves and went to help in the kitchen. We managed to salvage the dish to an extent and settled down to eat it from one big plate in the living room. It tasted a little off, probably missing some spices, maybe the chicken was overcooked, but to us, it was the best goddamn biryani we ever tasted.

Sitting in the living room in a messy sofa, we sipped the cool and crisp drinks by our side and breathed in the slightly burned air. We played Nintendo WII after dinner, dancing to retro (corny) 90’s songs and singing Karaoke at the top of our lungs. We sat with ‘Poo’ – a card game where the players are monkeys and can fling poo at each other – no really. Poo! We giggled for no reason at all and hooted at our own dance moves.

Our friend and her husband confided that dinner seemed like a boring way to spend the evening and they realized that company could be just the thing they needed to make their time memorable. Whoever said that Valentine’s Day is just celebrating love in clichéd ways like a candlelight dinner in a posh little restaurant? It can be just as fun in a messy house, burnt dinner and dancing to have a good time. Speaking of, visit Housing.com to lookup the perfect one that you can have fun times in. 

The dishes lay forgotten amidst banter, to be returned to when the remnants of the evening will linger only as an aftertaste. In the cutthroat instances of peer rivalry, petty politics and momentary alliances, the three of us found what few people really do – trust and friendship. 

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