1 Apr 2015

Moving Forward

I read a friend's post this morning about Why Moving Back Home was the best decision she ever made. It hit me then, I'm clocking 9 years away from home now. Nearly a decade and I'm nowhere close to wanting to go back.

I thought it could be because I'm fiercely independent, maybe I'm unwilling to change my ways or simply because there are many restrictions back at home - but really, it is because I'm always looking ahead. 'Moving back' as a term itself is redundant to me.

Whenever I've yearned for things I've left behind, it is usually built up in my head. When I actually get it, I realize I don't yearn for it anymore. Repetition of this behavior has made me a self-aware enough to know that while the idea of a home-cooked meal, familiarity of faces and laundry being magically done is tempting, the reality is that I rely on myself to do my own stuff. Even while vacationing at home, when a hot cuppa' is brought to my sister every morning, I'm in the kitchen fixing my own cup despite mom's protests.

There are several things I look forward to, but going back is not one of them. Going forward certainly is. 

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