24 May 2015

When Cute becomes FAT!

I was resisting writing this for a long time. Actually, I thought I'd never write it. Writing things down makes it way too real for me and call it escapist, but this topic has been on the 'best-avoided' list. Except now, it is staring back at me in the doctor's report in bold numeric (which means it is way above normal) - Cholesterol.

I haven't consciously done anything about myself, exercise has been a fickle fling and I have one-night stands with my diet. It is little wonder that my annual health check-up decided to dump me altogether and show me a big fat middle finger.

I twisted my knee, dancing and tore my ACL completely, which means no sports for me (not like I played sports anyway). Living with no ACL, with a ton of restrictions on movement, not to mention a knee brace for doing everyday activities like walking and now this borderline sugar, above normal cholesterol and a host of hormone-related stuff. It is scary and I'm looking up a miracle pill (if only there were such a thing, ha)!

I'm usually low on will-power when it comes to lifestyle-altering decisions and I'm awful at follow-through. Here's hoping a small piece on this blog will remind me that I'm still me and I'll remain so, I just need to make some changes.

20 May 2015

I'd rather work through a break-up than your passing.
I'd rather call you and hang up than listening to the rude lady on the other end telling me your number doesn't exist.
I'd rather start a new conversation with you than cry over old chats.
I'd rather listen to Aly & AJ than Evanescence.
I'd rather know that someday, sometime, I'll meet you in passing and we'll acknowledge each other like the memories we know we've become...

...than realize over and over again nothing wouldn't bring you back.