16 Jun 2015

Latest in my Korean Obsession

Last night, I was searching drama lists to watch some new shows. My weekly fixes of Grey's Anatomy, Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory was lacking and Orphan Black alone couldn't sustain my binge-watching sprees. Orphan Black y'all - if you haven't discovered it already, GO WATCH! On its third season, it is as captivating as it is jump-out-of-your-seats thrilling.

So. Drama Lists.

I hit upon this blog which listed 27 Must-Watch Korean Dramas (if you're a newcomer, curious about the Korean culture and the Hallyu wave or just want to know what the fuss is about, check out that list.) Of course, I'd already seen the Top 5. What I didn't expect was to scroll down and realize that I've seen the Top 10 and keep scrolling to know that I'd actually managed 19 shows on that list! Here I thought I'd seen a "few". It is no wonder that for basic Hangul sentences, I don't need to actively watch the subtitles now. At my 20th show, I scroll through my playlist and find a mix of Korean songs in there with other songs.

Crushing on Lee Min Ho meant I HAD to watch his debut movie - Gangnam Blues. Watching him in dramas, where he plays the romantic lead and doesn't kiss with his mouth open was different from this movie (really. It is ridiculous. None of them kiss with their mouths open - it simply isn't believable as a passionate kiss). In this gritty, violent and dark movie set in the time when Gangnam was slotted to rise at its real estate peak and land-grabbing was the norm, LMH plays a small-time gangster who is trying to get into the real estate action by colluding with corrupt politicians. The movie has highly sexualized content and I was surprised, if not taken aback while watching it. After rolling my eyes at the pecks in dramas, the realism was a refreshing shock.

I seem to like these far-away gazes pics a lot!
He's in a band and has a voice of an angel
My new cuteness is this guy right here - Kim Hyun Joong. I know, I know, he has had some recent scandals, he has left for his mandatory military service and will be MIA from the industry for the next two years, but having been overshadowed by my love for LMH, I didn't notice him at first in Boys over Flowers. I discovered him in another show, much much later. Leader of the band SS501, he has an amazing voice and his acting becomes better and better in his dramas.

I seem to be harboring some serious crushes on Korean stars right now. South Korea has moved to the top of my travel list.

Go on, have a trailer watch, it won't hurt!