12 Jul 2015

Daydreaming is an art

I've an upcoming trip and I tried to search for my long-forgotten camera in the nooks and crannies of my house where I keep things I don't regularly use.

My Camera lies forgotten
I managed to find it after considerable time and pulled it out of the shelf with dust, motley and lint clinging to every last forgotten inch of the cover, not to mention, the malfunctioning buttons of the camera itself.

Needless to say, I'm not going to be taking any pics from this camera anytime soon. That is really sad because this camera has lasted me nearly 7 years through my Langkawi, Bhutan, Goa, Pondy, Mahabs, Pune and other smaller trips.

I hardly ever take photos. My phone camera has a grand total of 17 pics, most of which someone else has taken. Sifting through my solo-travels in Malaysia, I seem to have taken only 34 photos over a week. This is far from the norm - I seem to have taken 2 photos in Kuala Lumpur, one of which was at the airport Dunkin Doughnuts and only because I was excited to eat the cinnamon toasted ones. The rest were taken at Langkawi, my first international solo trip, few shaky ones and most of them of things I caught fancy to at that time and cannot remember why!

If you ask me, however, about the beaches there or the old man at the duty-free shop who gave me a 7RM worth flip-flop for 3RM because mine were broken, I would tell you stories with generous adjectives. The shutterbug seems to have eluded me, somehow.

The first complaint I've ever gotten from my class teacher on my report card was "She daydreams a lot. Discipline needed." I've saved this report card to always remember to daydream, then realized I don't need reminders. I'm hardwired to drift off and my imagination takes me to places and situations, rife with people, imagery and details. I'm never short of these at any given point in time. It is not hard to imagine why I don't take photos - I quite literally, am lost in the moment. I gaze off into space and conjure up what a photo/video can't. This makes for bad photo-time with family, but great anecdote-time.

For my upcoming trip, my sister (who's a camera freak and would pose everywhere), has inspired me to make an effort to take more pictures. Which I will (I think).

But for all the dollars and pounds in this world, wouldn't trade my idyllic daydreaming. All of my English teachers were right on the money with that - I sure can weave a story! 

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