26 Sep 2015

Now a Europe Veteran...no, not really.

I wanted to put up deep, profound thoughts about my trip to Paris. But honestly, I didn't think deep thoughts there. What I thought instead was:

  • Why is there only bread for breakfast, lunch AND dinner? 
  • Do people ever look under-dressed here?
  • I can't walk anymore.
  • How do people eat a long bread, put nothing inside it and call it a baguette?
  • This is beautiful
The last one was the most profound really. With all the walking around and bread clogging me up, let's just say a Parisian day was the best antidote to thinking. I was walking, walking, walking and just walking. Taking a cab is a supreme waste of money and there simply aren't subway stations everywhere. In a day, I walked 11 hours, on one, 14 hours. Needless to say, my feet weren't impressed with me. I did drop a few kilos though, for whoever is noticing. Oh and I'm SO not a museum person.

After I resolved not to see everything and just do what I want to do, things slowed down. The walking pace became leisurely and everything stunning came into sharp focus. Of course, I was out of Paris by then and well into Amsterdam, but who cares. After two concerts, a brownie and several canals later, I was a big fan of the hipster lifestyle. I also came back to the hotel everyday by 9 pm because it was too cold to stay out longer (*cue: hippy electronic song*)

I didn't want to write a travelogue, I'm sure there are several of those lying around. My notes were never really followed, I ended up doing what was currently on my mind then anyway. It was completely random, just like I am. Kinda like a jellybean-sprinkles icecream with nuts because you wanted it but weren't sure which ones to pick. 

What I did want to write though was how fun travelling solo has been. I've always loved my own company, but it is nice to see it reinforced when I didn't have a single book (electronic or hardback) or digital device or any entertainment in my bag. What I had was my thoughts and the sights in front of me. It felt great to be able to take the clutter out of my mind and focus on the art and laugh because the hideous shape in front of me was supposed to be a buffalo. 

Souvenirs that I collected were small, but meaningful as were the memories. 

The tulips were grand. 

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