31 Dec 2015

A Year of Firsts

A year where I was stuck in a dead-end job with a selfish boss.
A year where I faced death of loved ones for the first time in my life - twice.
A year where I took the decision of breaking away from an emotionally abusive relationship.
A year where I took a stance, applied (and got!) a new job.
A year where I re-discovered butterflies in my tummy.
A year where I took a chance on a crush.
A year where I was proposed to.
A year where I discovered that 'I just knew' is not just a cliched phrase that people say - it exists.
A year where I said yes instantly - I just knew.

2015 started off as a year I would have possibly hated, but impossibly ended as chapter in my book - the one that promises to remain open for the rest of my extraordinarily ordinary life.


Akshaya Nandakumar said...

Had to come back to squeal again... eee!!!! This is going to be the best year ever :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Happy for you!