18 Jun 2016

Senti-smug or happy-smug

What makes someone stop in their tracks and choose to go off-path?

When you stop midway and decide you deserve better - a better life, better love, better job, better whatever. You deserve everything that the world has to offer you because you are here. Here. Where your past is behind you and you finally stop re-living the past over and over in the wrong choices that you make for yourself.

Wrong men for you. Wrong job for you. Wrong house for you. Wrong decisions for you.

For every wrong turn, there has been something better that has come my way. I've been okay making all the wrong decisions for me, because none of them have been permanent. I have found myself out of the situation, just by reminding myself that I deserve happiness.

I've made some dick moves and all of them have been averaged out. Cuz life's a normal distribution (those are not my words, I would never reduce life to a math equation). Its The Man's belief that everything averages out. The high-highs don't remain that way and the low-lows go back up again. And that's the kind of belief I can rest my faith on.

What's constant is you. I believe in strong foundations and ours is rock-steady. You are my personal miracle, because I chose you...you are my genuine shot at happiness.

I can't wait to marry you. 

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