10 Nov 2016

Marriage is 100::100

Turns out, The Man was right after all. I was deliriously happy on the wedding day, which translated into me being a radiant bride, face packs be damned. Seriously, I just couldn't stop smiling!

The ceremony itself, which in other weddings seemed painfully long, was shorter. I missed out on picture time with few friends who could stay only for a little while because I had to be the bride on the stage, but other than that, it was a blast.

Half a dozen costume changes over a day and I was very glad that we chose not to have a reception. We stood like Ken & Barbie for some time, while people gave their gifts, but mostly, it was avoided because we skipped formalities. There are some great candid shots (I hope), the photos haven't come yet. I'm still impatiently waiting for pics, if only to update my Facebook DP.

But most of all, the moment when he tied the mangalsutra/thaali/sacred thread is forever etched on my mind. Defying traditions, I didn't want to look down demurely while he tied it. Instead, I looked straight into his eyes, choking down the sob that was threatening to come and smiled.
Tears shone in our eyes as we quietly voiced our I love you to each other.

In that moment, he became my family and I became his. In our own little bubble, its just us, no one else.

Post-wedding and a wonderful few weeks in Greece later, everything is largely unchanged. But every now and then, I poke him in his tummy. When he looks up enquiringly, I grin and say "Husband". He grins back and calls me "Wife." Its surreal.